/ Jumat, 01 Juni 2012 /
Has been a very long time not to tell you what's going on. Since my notebook was on error andI worried way too much about my National Exam.

So here it is the answer

It's just...awesome, isn't it? Finally...haha.

And then how I finally been accepted in college. It's just beyond my wildest imagination, if I could honestly say. Without taking any test. Just...been accepted.  Just like that. Couldn't say anything for like a moment and felt my hand are shaking, little bit.

Well life is good, if I could borrow Nafi's bio in twitter. It is. I am not going to boast anything. Life is good whatever it happens to you. For being accepted or not. For being graduated or not. It's just good. To teach you how to both laugh in anger or cry in laughter. 

I do thank God for this. Whatever wait me in like a month ahead. New friends, possabilities. I am glad for this.
Thanks God. Thank you. Thanks to myself too for doing it right. Life is good. Believe me, for you too.

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