/ Senin, 21 Juli 2014 /
Does bad thoughts affect someone's appearance? There was a story, back when I was kid, that tells how bad thoughts and bad manners turn an old couple ugly and uglier.

But then I realize, even it's just a children-story, it can't be wrong. I do observe people who always keep their mind negative (and there were times when I'm one of them) and see how they tend to show their negative thoughts on their face expression.

And how if it lasts? That ugly expression stays everytime you open your eyes. Now that I realize it, I do always worry how do I look everytime I get angry, and that annoys me cause there will be half of me tells me to keep angry while the other half's commanding to put a smile instead.

And I'm afraid that maybe one day, I could be waking up and finally realize, I couldn't recognize who's staring back from the mirror.

That girl, she's frowning with her mouth curving down trying to move her lips up but she can't anymore.

So be happy and good night!!!!!

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