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So hai! Hehe
Nggak ngerti kenapa tiba-tiba pengen nulis. Just did blog-walk andd......tara i miss my blog in sudden :)

Really have a dizzy and i do need sleeping rite now. Somehow, its 3 a.m already and here i am, stuck in front of this lame machine :p so i wont waste my time any longer. Gotta write something and sleep in peace:) apologize me for spamming your dashboard with this nonsense post.

Actually i have nothing to say. I just became --what could i say-- not productive now a days and its definitely not good. I miss my blog ya know? i miss having an idea in sudden, try to figure it out then write it on this blog. I miss opening my Microsoft Word window and type everything. Now when i can see, clearly, actually these new technology-thingy has blinded me.
So this is all I can write. I have no inspiration at all. I just recycle all my old idea and try to write it in other way. I have nothing new.

And about how my school things are going really really bad. I got bad scores many many times. I dont say I hate being not-smart. Im not smart from the first. I just be accustomed to be a little bit smarter and its kinda shocking me. I dont say I hate it when someone gets a good score while Im not, actually it's happened many many many times and i dont mind. I just hate finding MYSELF, be such a dumb, spending all my time doing something unimportant. And how the university just become so close and closer. Im worrying so many things. I just cannot stay to be like this any longer.
I dont know how to motivate my own self. I need a change. I need finding myself be a little bit better.

Thats all I can say. Sorry for the language, I mean i love using Indonesian but I just want to use english rite now haha pardon the bad grammar.

Nite. :)
Its almost 4 anyway-_-

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