Ready to Explode

/ Senin, 27 Juni 2011 /
There are too many things to be shouted. Too many rude-words to be screwed. I just, dont know where to share it all. They'll know, I know. Those talking-behind-thingy. And yes, maybe I'll be the one who'll be blamed. Haha. I judged? I'm jealous? Oh well, just whatever you say. Everybody knows that I'm true. Everybody knows what you did guys. Did you know what I've prayed for a thousand times? I wish there are no one else like you. I wish we all do everything in a fair way. I wish, people are not in the top because they did everything unfairly. Screw me for judging you. Screw me for not believing you. Screw me for being jealous for what you've achieved. God knows best, guys. I did not judge and I am not jealous. I am proud for what I've achieved, by my self. Not by those little pieces of paper that's hidden inside your desk. Not by my cellphone. Not by cheating, kay? 
I know you'll think I'm over. Over-thinking, over-acting, whatever. You dont know how does it feel of being blamed for what you've done fairly. You dont know the bad feeling of thinking 'just-if-they-do-everything-fairly' you dont know, right? 

And yes, just blame me for talking behind ya. For judging ya. For whatever. Then do you think I should shout it loudly that I hate ya? That I hate your way? Just whatever you do, guys. God knows best. He always does. We've grown, aye? We've known which is good and which is not. I choose being in a straight way. I know I won't be on the top by passing that way but you know God'll always be blessing me all the way. And you too. Believe me this is the last. I know you've finally known. Feel so sorry for making you felt bad. 

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