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/ Jumat, 22 Februari 2013 /
I'm bored to death. Feeling so tired for sleeping too much. Hahaha.

Is going to talk empty words since I talked way too little today. Spent my day drown in books and Twitter timeline. Watching those who are feeling happy, either insecure, and so many more.

But somehow my mission's just been accomplished. For not stepping my feet outside my house in a day. And made it as an excuse to deny all the meeting and hangout plans. Haha. 

Jadi, Santa cuman di rumah doang seharian. Nggak jadi pergi kemana-mana. Nggak jadi main. Nggak jadi rapat. And whatsoever. Kirain bakal asik setelah empat hari belakangan jadwal kuliah makin kurang ajar. Ternyata bosen...

Eh eh btw, menanggapi posting di blognya Deta
 Ada saatnya besok kita bakal makin sibuk, lebih dari sekarang, makin susah kumpul, makin susah ngadain bonding time. Saat waktu itu datang… cepat atur tanggal nikah biar kita bisa reuni di nikahan salah satu dari kita. Huahahahaha.
 Really, I can't even imagine one of us in our wedding dress :V It's us, wey, it will always be the same us, try to mock each other and laugh so hard on each's face. And...then it comes to be us...in our wedding dress. Being a soon wannabe Mom. Damn. You all even can't handle your laugh on silly jokes. Having this kind of mom definitely never be a good choice. Hahaha.

Ah but yes...by looking back to the laugh and tears you've been all through, I somehow believe we can be great moms. And YES! The funky one. And those who'll be our children are the luckiest one. Haha.

 I hate the concept of growing old and getting mature. Growing up is a trap, if it really bring us into the infinite schedules, the please-give-me-more-times, and the pending-hangout-plans. My fault too. I miss you all like...so much.

Gah. Ngomongnya ngelantur kemana-mana nggak jelas. I hate how my blog is now full with those love-letters. Dan itu menunjukkan betapa labilnya seorang Santa yang beberapa minggu lalu lagi menye-menyenya dan tidak kehabisan kata-kata buat writting those stuff.

Pokoknya Santa lagi laper, nyet!

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