/ Senin, 09 September 2013 /

Life keeps on changing. While I am here somehow still believe some things last forever.

But then again, reality hits you like a truck losing its control. And you're like being glued on your position, stucked. You are not gonna move anywhere. It's the warm place you used to know. It's the truck you used to drive.

It's the same sky. The same air we breathed yesterday.

Who to blame, again? Who creates this circumtance? That the oxygen we breathed yesterday, turns to be the toxic carbon dioxide today.

That someone who made you blush yesterday, turns to be the one who put tears on your eyes.

But still, true love won't fade, I somehow believe. Its echo won't faint even if it's separated by distant or time.

That even if this whole world turns to be something strange. Your heart knows there's always a warm place to welcome you back home.

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