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Have you ever heard a phrase, for not hanging your happiness on someone so you can be happy, all by your self?

I've read it like millions. Did retweeted, reposted, repathed, or reloved it like thousands. But it's just an empty word as I let it just go.

The fact is I put my happiness on someones. Everytime one of them pushes me to fall, I let another one to cheer me. I let the thought of 'at least I have another people that still care." to cherish me. I count my happiness on how much people loves me.

...but then I'm tired on counting loves they had. I begin to questioned how much their love. The bad thoughts come as I realize it never be that much. As I walk, I know they may leave me. Those who claimed them self as friends, best friends, boyfriend you name it.

They'll eventually go. And there I am feeling so low.

And as I've put my happiness on them, who could guarantee me to always be happy?

I'm afraid it's too late to take them back. But I guess from now on I will try to create my own happiness. I'll stop trying so hard to make every single ones happy. I'll stop trying to make everyone loves me that I forget to make myself happy.

So then I can be happy all by myself, without needing someone to tell me to be. They may go, who cares? Or they may stay as long as they want to.

And I will be just fine.

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