An Empty Talk

/ Kamis, 30 Januari 2014 /
Now that it's hard for me to fall asleep earlier than 2 a.m. I really do not know what to do. So I'm usually strolling up on my bed, wandering for almost all the time, reading when it gets hard to think, stalking, and whatsoever.

So what brought me here is actually has nothing to do with the staying-up-till-late-thing. Maybe I just want an escape. It's not that my mind is always a pleasant friend to talk. It has conflicts with my mouth sometimes. Well, it's getting complicated anyway. This mouth and mind things. Since I don't mouth what I think, I just think of them, but so you know, there IS a different between what I think and what my mind does. 

Well, I'm not going to force you to understand.

So please be my company. At this too early morning, now that I can not roll myself to my deeply sleep. 

I'll start with the thought of how love occurs and vanishes. No, it's not going to be a long post that take you to a boredom.

I'm just willing to say, I've just learned how love is actually not an energy, as I have read it somewhere. It's not that love can not be destroyed nor made. Maybe we don't need reason, to stop loving someone. Maybe it's the time, the distance, the circumtance that makes the love ages, then dry, then die. I don't know. We keep blaming the 'factors', but maybe it's us, the one who made it die? 

It's good sometimes, yes, the fact that love could die. Some love should, so that they'll know, there are some other people who love them freely, wanting them badly, or offering them happy.

Nah. I'm starting to force myself to sleep now that the night is really getting older. Good night.

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