Happy 1st Anniversary -30th August 2010

/ Senin, 30 Agustus 2010 /

Hey! Finally it's been a year! Me and my best boyfriend. Remember how many silly times that we've through always make me smile. Then about how many tears that I've spent in this last a year. I'm sorry for any angers that I've shouted to you. And a big thanks for always be nice and patient in our hardest moments :) have to tell you that I love you more and more each day.

Ah, there are just too many words to say. Too many unspeakable feelings to shout.

First of all, I'm gonna tell you that it has been a very best 1 year that I ever had. That I'm glad to spend this marvelous year with you. Thanks thanks thanks for you. You have colored my boring day. I used to be all alone but then you came and I think your messages on my phone always bright my grey day :) thanks for a tear that you've wasted for me in our bad moment. Nice to tell you that I love you in every breath that I take.

It may be just like another day for you. Nothing's special. Haha. I loved the way you ignored celebrating our anniversary;

"I don't really care. We will be long lasting until we get old and older so what's so special with our anniversary?"

:) haha do you know I really do want to hug you tighttttttt! You're sweet in your own way. And I fall in your love haha.

You know what? Sometimes it's hurt to find you act like you don't care of our future. But I try to understand, you're different. Your mind is different.

I love your silly habits.
I love when you tell me a lot about your favorite cartoon.
I love when you try to imagine our future.
I love when you punch me.
I love when you pinch my arms just like the way you pinched your mom, constantly.
I love to find you hug me tight.
I love being in your arms and keep in silent.
I love you.

Remember the time when you, for the first, tell me that you love me. Ah. Have you just realized? We used to be together. Then at the first time I met you, did you know that it seemed like my heart's gonna jump out. It just beated super super fast :D

There's a bunch of memories that I've through with you. Either it's a sad one or nice one, I love remembering them all. It's such opening the old photo albums, I just record them all in my head. Scene by scene.

And you know what's the most incredible one? Hehe. When you knocked my window just because I got angry with you haha! And at the night when my dad said that you came to him and asked where's me with your puppy eyes, my heart was beating faster. I love you.

Don't know what should I say. Too many memories and I just can't tell them all. I love you. I know I really do.

Love is abstract...
But now I can feel it, I can see it...
Love is when you laugh...
Love is when you smile...
Love is when I be in your arms...
Love is YOU...
And you are LOVE...

Thanks for giving a description for my empty 'Love' word
Thanks for being my greatest mood-booster
Thanks for being with me in this last a year
Thanks, I love you.

Chrysanta Aurelia ♥

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{ Karin } on: 4 September 2010 01.00 mengatakan...

cieeeee, pajak satu tahun jadian jangan lupaa :D

{ Chrysanta Aurelia } on: 5 September 2010 13.25 mengatakan...

Lalalala nggak denger :p HAHA

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