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"""Sedang meletup-letup!! Semangatin aku!"

Like I've mentioned Retta before, my imagination was surprisingly coming out. Poof! Poof!
The idea was coming out for about a week ago. Pas lagi mandi, best of the best time for having an-only-me-and-my-mind-time, and taraa punya ide buat kembali bikin novel. Believe me, I've done it before. Years ago. Udah tamat dengan segala intrik kesinetronan dan khas teenlit banget. Not really bad, sih. But now I'm growing differently. Maybe have adopted many things from books I read. I'm leaving those teenlit-ish thingy dan try to make it better.
So last night, I started. Opened Dewi Lestari's 55 days' blog was like memancing ide. Asik! The passion is finally going home to my mind :D 
This novel would take a very long time to finish I think, but well I'm trying to write at least 2 pages a day. Would really like to tell ya later :)

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