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Big HEEEEEY!!!! Crap! Udah janji sama diri sendiri td, setengah jam yg lalu, untuk tidur jam 1 pagi. Tomorrow's school day, just fyi. Dan sekarang sudah jam....1. Kurang 5 menit.

But I do. Really really really do miss blogging. Hehe. Nggak tahu juga mau ngomong apa. It's like a quote I ever knew
"Biggest mistake of those who use Twitter (blog, in my case) is that they think they have people who want to know what are they doing"
Hahahaha. I did laughed for this. Maybe you don't :l

But like really, this is so damn fit to me. I wonder is there any people who'd like to read shits like this? Haha. No I guess.

Ah ya, need to tell ya, I missed my 2-years-anniversary-post. Bah. Actually I've planned a guhreat post. Tapi malu ih buatnya :" Promise me not to laugh! Not to underestimate. Not to um...will think about another ones later. But gyaaaa, malu. Banget.

Yaudah deh. See you in the next post. The controversial one hahaha. PROMISE ME NOT TO LAUGHHH!!!

Btw, gaje yah post-nya.

NB: I saw 01.01 just a while ago:)

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