9 Sleeps Before Christmas.

/ Jumat, 16 Desember 2011 /
Randomly took that as the title. 

So life goes well. Life is still that funny, Fate too. Things are still messy, my hair too. And Time does go by. It's 16th of December, 9 days before Christmas and a day after his birthday. So at this point I do really thank God for everything, just for everything I couldn't even mention one by one. For this super family, for this endlessly laughter, for the tears, for the air, for the health, for everything, just like everything.

Rain outside. I couldn't say I'm in blue feeling. I know I'm not. Some moments flash by, randomly and I just try to fight them off. Trying without archiving anything. Some people suddenly come in their virtual form, invade my brain, and ruin my only wall of sanity. Their laughter, their words, their everything. Tell me it's wrong. The moment is the one which is wrong. Could be driven to a big regret soon, like really really soon. Haha.

Is currently trying to distract my attention to those shapes of memories. I couldn't say it's easy but it's not that hard. The only thing driving me to that blue feeling is my mind so I just need to kill him, turn him off for this time, at least. 

Shuh Shuh, bring me back my sanity. Christmas is 9 days ahead. Just can't hardly wait.

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