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/ Rabu, 21 Desember 2011 /
So I wonder if someone would ask me, where's the best place to cry. I know the question won't come in these nearly time so I made this haha. Don't think I will be able to finish this in Indonesian without ended by pushing the close icon. :p

So where's the best place to cry on?

His shoulder and his stomach.

For me, at least. But like really, even if he's the only reason why the tears are shed, it's always nice to cry on his shoulder and his stomach. You know we aren't that kind of neither cute nor sweet couple. And don't say we're sweet in our own way. We are totally not. I don't know if the love still stays. I don't know if we really meant to be together. I don't know if these 27-almost-28 months are only a waste.

I don't know until today. Today I finally know that somehow it can still be called as love. That if we didn't mean to be together, these 27-almost-28 months aren't only a waste. That we have learned, experienced so many things, moments. That I grew, him either. That I know him much better than before. 

I knew it, in his shoulder, by shedding the tears for some selfish reasons.

I don't think it will make us be better. I don't think it will make me understand his badness all in sudden. And also, it won't make him understand my selfishness all in sudden. It's just a moment, when I'm in blue and missing the old him haha. But I do really know, people change. And what's we experienced is just a phase of the cycle of life. And thank God for let me experienced the phase of meeting him.

Nah. Told you not to think we are sweet. I told you we are not. We are totally not. Ora blas. Haduh pokoknya jadi aku dulu deh biar tau. Dia bukan cowok sweet terselubung seperti yang dibayangkan kebanyakan. Bukan juga cuek tapi sweet. Dia beneran cuek, tanpa sweet. Beneran atos, tanpa sebenernya-care. Ya gitu deh. Kalo ada yang tanya gimana biar bisa awet, aku harus beneran jawab: jadi kayak aku makanya. Ga deng. :P I swear he really really really sick of me, sometimes-_- 

What you need maybe a crying session on his shoulder and see what you just missed. That what you both have passed over aren't only a waste.

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