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So again, life goes bad. Good for others but not for me. I try to, you know, get focus on something particular. I mention the tests ahead, those college stuffs, etc. But not this. I do like really really do get sick of this. That 'this' that I could not even tell you. Could not even be told to anyone. Not a shame, actually. I just, well I just me who used to keep everything alone. I'm not trying to be a mysterious girl or whatever. Well just like I care what will you think about me.

But like really, have you ever been so sick of what your mind try to tell you? You might think I have a seriously disorientation with my brain or my mind. Something like having an imaginary talk with something virtual. Something like...crazy maybe? But have you ever been in a position when you try to deny what your mind said? Just because you know that's not a good idea at all. That's just as crazy as you, the idea I mean. 

Most of you have. I beg.

Nah and now after I wrote this, I'm feeling worse instead of getting better. Telling this to people would make it be worse I guess. gsgdhwdhjhjekvjjka.

Just excuse me for the shits I posted. Since I have nothing to speak with (I randomly remember Jonathan.) I try to post everything here. Catch ya later.

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