I stalked you.

/ Selasa, 17 April 2012 /
Just FYI; tomorrow.is.National.Exam. The real one. Bluahhhh.

And I stalked him. Yes him. After months which seems like years. Since I decided not to stalk his Facebook nor Twitter account, it's been such an err moment. Just whatever it's called. 

Bodo amat. I just feel like a fool. For thinking he stays the same. In fact, he's changed. A lot. From being a cool one to be a blah blah what could I say, really cool one, maybe?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA numpang ketawa aja. Wish him a very good luck. UN-nya, semuamuamuanya. Dan semoga nggak ada godaan stalking-stalking lagi-_-
"Whenever you meet someone, no matter how brief the meeting, you’re live changes in many ways.
The strings of fate connects everyone to who they have met, and to who they will meet. Whether it be enemies, friends or even families, each having their own color. Only the Red string connects you to the one you are destined to be with. Finding them, is the task of a lifetime."

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