/ Rabu, 18 April 2012 /
I'm half sleepy. Have given up on those National Exam-things. And do need a rest.

But well here I am. I worry things. A lot. Since I realize I got worse on math. Since I got so much sensitive. Since I got nervous so easily. Since I got you do change. And since I realize turning back the time isn't only such a cliche wish.

How can I start this. 

I ruin things. Do mistake on my own. And do complain of the mess I've made. So human, isn't it? Then about you. I don't know is it me who ruins us. But since I realize it couldn't be same, I'm letting go. For whatever has been written to be, it will be, maybe soon maybe later. For the tears, I do really thank you. For the worries and the sorry words too. It's really nice to know you still care. If it isn't about us, I'll laugh so hard on you, make jokes on us, for being so damn sensitive and shedding tears such two foolish kiddos. Silly you. And silly me, for loving you. This much.

Don't you know how your morning message affects me, for hours. Or how your empty-hahaha makes me wonder; is it me bore you or others attract you. Blame me, for being so damn sensitive. For being so damn possessive. For being so silly. But I finally understand. Just let this flow. Just let everything be like it has been written to be. I'm glad to have you, to get your morning messages or even your empty-hahahas. To love your badness, or even hate your kindness which make me fall much deeper.

Thank you for still staying here. For making me understand, love is about letting your mate free. 

Just run, jump, or you may fly. I'm still trying to wait. 

Ily. Like I always do.
And like I wish you too.

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