/ Minggu, 18 November 2012 /
I don't need any reason, to love you.
I've been trying to answer the question why do I stay but I always ended up in a word nothing itself.

Then I knew I don't need any reason to love you.
Neither to stay.

Because it always be a lovable you. And a melted me into your innocence.

Because how many time I try to convince myself to quit, you give me reasons to stay.

Because you teach me how to laugh in my tears. Literally.

Because you teach me for not hoping too much. For not depending my life on anyone else but me myself.

Because you pull me when I'm about to give you up.

Because you give me reasons. Then I don't need to look for another reason for loving you.

Because you've been you. Despite all the lies you put between us. Beside the distance you try hard to keep. Beyond all your I-Don't-Cares;

You want me to stay.

For me it's more than enough.

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