I remember.

/ Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011 /
Most inspired by Mocca's song. Same point, different moment.

I remember, that Saturday evening with a cloudy sky above.
I remember, how boring it was to be inside the car that would race me to the church.
I remember the phone I used at that moment.
I remember how a social-network could be so addicting .
I remember a friend request inside my friendster page [and a-little-bit-faster-heart-beat after it]
I remember how I got impressed with your profile picture—you, alone, on the top roof.
I remember my simple thank-you.

And you replied.

So did I.

You again.

Over and over.

I remember, the very first morning I text you.
I remember you replied.
[You were in the church, and I got impressed, for twice]
I remember, the very first night you text me.
I remember that first silly conversation.
[About a submarine, then you went to sleep too early] 

I remember the day we finally met, after a year full of messages.
I remember how you dressed in your very best clothes.
I remember how the awkward moment chilled us out.
[And I giggled after you asked me to go out—to such a spooky place—just because you had no idea of any good place]

Then you went home.

And I randomly smelled your smell on all my boy friends' uniforms.

I remember, the very first night I got very nervous.
[Tonight, when you're finally home, please text me. Don't be sleeping. I need to tell you something.]

Then my heart was beating.
[Are you angry of something? Sorry :( ]

It seemed to be a year.
[I am not :). Text me later.]

I remember, it was almost twelve.
I remember, a message and I swore I was almost flying inside my room.
I remember I was too sleepy to be much happy.
[Goodnight, sleeptight, I love you, jelekku.]

Then I was immediately checking my phone calender.
[00.—maybe 20 a.m. Sunday, September 30th, 2009]   

Inside the same room, 2 years, a month, and a day later. With my phone beside me.
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